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Why Choose Markzenia ?

  • Experienced professionals that have come together to provide assistance in Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Medical Devices related processes.
  • These are vital for conforming to drug, cosmetics and medical devices regulations, and registrations. We are active in obtaining all types of licenses and permissions from various countries.
  • We are a leading consultant in pharmaceutical and medical device business and provide services to our esteemed clients with sincerity and hard work.
  • Our team plays a key role as consultants to obtain approvals for manufacturer, importer and exporters.
  • We are a step ahead in obtaining all type of licensing approvals on behalf of our clients. Most importantly we have experts with thorough knowledge of various countries regulatory processes viz. India, Europe, USA, Brazil, Canada, Australia, etc., which helps our clients to carry on their business smoothly without any legal hurdles.
  • Markzenia is your most reliable service provider in India. We are a reputable concern and trusted in all pharmaceutical, and medical devices circles. We are based in Mumbai India’s financial capital city.

Our Services

Drug & Vaccine Registration

Medical Devices Registration

Cosmetic Registration

Clinical Trial Registeration

New Drug Permission

Test License

Import License

Hospital License

We also provide Services for

Blood Bank and Blood Product Registration NOC for import of Half finished & Raw materials loan, Loan licensing Legalization of Export/Import documents, Neutral code licensing.

Our Existing Clients